Which Wetsuit Entry System is right for me?

Chest Zip or Back Zip
Wetsuit Entry Systems

Wetsuit entry systems are merely how you get into the wetsuit, based on the wetsuit design and the zip it has. This can determine how easy it is to get ‘in’ and ‘out’ of the suit, its flexibility and durability. The different entry systems can be grouped under the two main category’s below :


The Chest Zip is one of the most common wetsuit entry systems and one of the more tricky to get into if your not used to it. Luckily it doesn’t take long to get the hang off.

Chest zip Wetsuit Entry System


  • Stretch The main advantage of choosing a chest zip is that it allows for more stretch’s the zip is situated across the chest and not interfering with the parts of your body that will need to move and flex. Zips don’t stretch!
  • Less Flush The positioning of the zip being higher up on your body means that its less likely to have flush – this is when a small amount of water flushes into your suit and can leave temporary chill.


  • Harder to get on Chest zip suits are slightly harder to get into – Gets easier when you get used to it.

Types of Chest Zip wetsuit entry system

Chest zip wetsuit designs can be further broken down into different variations, Horizontal and Diagonal systems.


This diagonal zip entry system, has a single sided opening reducing flush. The Glideskin seal and bungee cord / barrel lock keeps more water out. A snap lock ensures that the zip pull stays in place. This can be found in our Response FX suits


This horizontal bib front entry system contains a micro blackout low profile waterproof chest zip. The Glideskin seals and the concealed bungee cord keeps water out. Eradicating the back zip gives extra stretch to the back of the suit. A snaplock ensures that the zip pull stays in place. This entry system works great for Juniors in the Response FX suit.


This is the most traditional wetsuit design with a zip at the back of the suit which runs all the way down to the lower back. This system is well suited to those who are new to wetsuits or prefer the ease of use.

Back Zip Wetsuit Entry System


  • Easy The back zip is by far the easiest suit to get in and out off, this is because it opens up wider that any other zip along the whole top half of the suit. It has a long cord for you to be able to zip the suit up.


  • Less Stretch Due to the long zip at the back of the suit there is less stretch and flexibility in the suit. this is because zips don’t stretch.

Types of Back zip wetsuit entry system

The back zip wetsuit design can also be separated into further variations such as UBS and S-lock.


Internal barrier shield prevents water penetration whilst increasing insulation and maintaining the wetsuits flexibility.


This easy entry back zip system contains a blackout waterproof zip. The zip is concealed by a unique twin flap smoothskin seal creating a flush barrier without the bulk of the UBS system. This found in the majority of our back zip wetsuits in the Response range.

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