“EUNOIA Beautiful Thinking”

Embracing Nature: The Revival of Wild Swimming

Gone are the days when knights clad in full armor braved the icy waters, and Victorians donned two-piece belted costumes, ready to immerse themselves in the invigorating chill of wild swimming.

Fast forward to 2024, and technological innovation has amplified the appeal of wild swimming. Wetsuits are now the go-to gear, enabling swimmers to enjoy their dip for longer periods, providing enhanced buoyancy, added insulation, and a shield against potential hazards lurking in the water.

In recent times, the Covid-19 pandemic, with its widespread closure of public swimming pools and imposed travel restrictions, inadvertently sparked a resurgence in wild swimming, with many seeking solace in the seas, lakes, lochs, and rivers, from the rugged landscapes of the Scottish Highlands to the quaint Cornish village of Portreath.

Beyond being a low-cost pastime and a perfect way to reconnect with nature, wild swimming offers a wealth of health benefits for both body and mind. It’s more than just a dip in the water; it’s a dive into wellbeing.

GUL EUNOIA Westuit Beach Shot -
Available to purchase at Gul.com

But while traditional Neoprene Wetsuits have allowed us to become closer to nature, the production process, carbon emissions, inability to biodegrade and carcinogenic properties sadly pose significant impacts on the environment, aswell as factory workers and local communities situated surrounding manafacturing plants.

The solution? A revolution in wetsuit design, the introduction of the Gul Eunoai Wetsuit – Our most accessible wetsuit we’ve ever made.

Gul Eunoia Wetsuit featuring Gul buoyancy aid and Dry Robe

Promising a significant reduction in carbon footprint by up to 80% and comprised of natural rubber, the Gul Eunoai Wetsuit isn’t just for elite swimmers. It offers affordability for everyone, everywhere, making it the best value natural wetsuit in the world. (Yes, we’re serious).

‘SINCE 67’- Nothing is Off The Table

Since day one in 1967, when working on a problem, we are never thinking about beauty, we think only how to solve the problem, but when we have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, we know it is wrong. GUL’s mission has been simple: “Nothing is off the table when it comes to research and development.

In a bid to promote a greener future and protect our oceans from the devastating impact of petroleum-based wetsuits, GUL’s introduced the RECORE programme, which began in 2010, has been 14 years in the making.

This initiative embodies the decades-old Japanese Kaizen philosophy, where continuous research and development of new innovations are seen as opportunities to improve product performance while minimising environmental impact.

A Revolution in Wetsuit Design – The RECORE PROGRAMME

Immerse yourself in the world of GUL’s RECORE programme, with the breakthrough of natural rubber wetsuits that are the fruit of GUL’s tireless research and development.

These wetsuits, designed with a keen focus on circularity, harness the power of state-of-the-art recycled materials, matching stride for stride with the performance of their traditional counterparts, particularly when it comes to their woven linings and knitted jersey.

Model wearing the latest Gul Eunioa wetsuit.

Available to purchase at Gul.com

At the core of the EUNOIA is GUL’s trailblazing ‘RECORE’ recycled nylon, also known as regenerated nylon. This greener alternative to conventional nylon is born from a blend of post-consumer waste such as discarded fishing nets, industrial waste, and fabric scraps, as well as pre-consumer waste from manufacturing processes.

Choosing RECORE recycled nylon is choosing a brighter future for our planet. It significantly curbs the need for virgin fossil fuels, conserves energy and resources, and plays a crucial role in diverting waste from our landfills and oceans.

But the benefits don’t stop there…

GUL EUNOIA Westuit as worn by model -
Available to purchase at Gul.com

Recycling nylon helps to combat the environmental damage associated with traditional nylon production, such as greenhouse gas emissions and water pollution.

By weaving recycled materials into the very fabric of the EUNOIA wetsuits, GUL is not just making a statement, but leading the charge in sustainability and reducing carbon footprint.

Be at One with ‘NatuR’

Imagine a world where sustainability isn’t a luxury, but a standard for all. That’s the vision that has driven GUL to create their innovative ‘NATUR’ range of natural rubber wetsuits. A decade in the making, this groundbreaking line is a bold step towards reimagining the future.

Harvested from renewable natural rubber tree plantations that are FSC® Certified, it slashes carbon footprint by a staggering 80%.

NatuR - Gul's solution to sourcing Natural Rubber sustainably.

Even our entry-level natural rubber, the ‘NatuR Infinity‘, stands out with its impressive 350% elongation before lamination. This allows the wetsuit material to contour to the wearer’s body shape perfectly, offering unparalleled flexibility and freedom of movement when you need it most.

Crafted and fine-tuned by cold water specialists for peak performance and durability, the EUNOIA range is more than just a product line – it’s a statement. By placing NatuR at the heart of their design philosophy, GUL sends a powerful message: “There is no Planet B”.


GUL is not just making waves, but creating a sea change.

Even with a natural rubber wetsuit already in their lineup, their goal remains clear and steadfast: to make natural rubber wetsuits accessible to all, with the primary aim of getting everyone ‘INTO THE WATER’.

Gul Eunoia Wetsuits in Water.

GUL firmly believes that making purchases that support environmental and social causes should be a possibility for all water enthusiasts, not just those who can afford the extra cost.

In the current market, the high retail prices of natural rubber wetsuits, often in the hundreds, can make sustainability seem like a distant dream for many. But GUL is ready to change this narrative.

Their EUNOIA series is set to redefine the industry, making eco-friendly wetsuits an affordable reality for everyone.

Tech Specs of the Gul Eunoia Wetsuit

Plant-Based Alternative to Traditional Neoprene – NatuR: NatuR natural rubber is a sustainable alternative to traditional neoprene, produced from renewable natural rubber tree plantations that are FSC® certified, reducing the carbon footprint by up to 80%.

Flexibility: Low-profile flatlock seams and seamless underarm panels offer unrestricted movement and comfort, allowing you to feel free in the water.

RECORE – 100% Recycled Nylon Outer and Inner Fabric: The durable recycled nylon face fabrics enhance the garment’s eco credentials, adding a soft touch to the garment.

2mm NatuR Natural Rubber: Provides warmth and protection from the elements while allowing the wearer to move freely, whatever the activity in or on top of the water.

Stainless Steel Back Zip Opening: Provides easy entry, and the s-seam lumbar panel ensures you feel secure.

Anti-Rash Collar: Features a unique anti-rash collar, a seam-free neck seal reducing rubbing, allowing you to enjoy your time in the water.

Dive into the RECORE SERIES, and join GUL in making waves for a sustainable future.