Southern Strike Mission

A search for waves during the flattest spell

After approximately 2 weeks of no swell on the North Coast, I was thrilled when I spotted a little swell window hitting the south coast of Cornwall, the following day so decided it was time for a southern strike mission.

I packed up my van and headed south a couple of hours later, to ensure I was there in plenty of time for the swell.

I optimistically checked the beach I planned to surf the next morning, but there wasn’t much to see there, so I headed over to where I was setting up camp for the night to be unexpectedly greeted with perfect reeling right handers. I had the spot to myself for a while, before being joined by only two others.

It was absolutely one of those ‘right place, right time’ moments!

The next morning, I woke at first light, and was joined by my good friend, Beth. It was hard to gauge the size, through the morning darkness, but it was clear the swell had built overnight. We scrambled, tiredly, putting our suits on and running down, as we got onto the beach, we were excited to see head high, glassy waves roll through.

The 4:30am wake up was sure worth it for 3-hour slide with only a few others out!

We headed back to the van for breakfast and a rest, before heading off to other spots whilst the tide was high and went back in for more waves in the afternoon.

Southern strike mission
The most important meal of the day

During the afternoon surf, I tested out my new GUL Flexor Recore 3/2mm suit. On first opinions, the suit looked nice (I think that’s a very important part of a wetsuit, is if it is pleasing on the eye), and the material felt stretchy and super light.

The suit proved to be very flexible, with no restriction on movement (super important), and was warm, especially around the trunk because of the lining.

Overall, I think it is a great suit, and after a couple of weeks of wearing it now, it is my favourite suit & I am excited to wear it this season!

Flexor 3/2mm

It was a great couple of days of waves, surfing somewhere new, and clocking 5 surfs in 24 hours.

There is nothing better than travelling somewhere on a whim and reaping the rewards. This is what is so magical about Cornwall, it has such a vast coastline, with lots of nooks and crannies, with waves to be found when it’s flat on one coast and shelter to be seeked in a big storm.

Shout out to this legend, Liv for committedly sitting on the beach, filming 2 surfs, when all she wanted to do was surf herself. 

Liv the Legend